Do i have witch blood

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Do i have witch blood

Blood Sorcery can be embraced and performed by anyone with a passion for all things visceral and an innate need for more than one has. It is not for the timid. Not only because one must injure oneself to participate, but because one must make an agreement that the work at hand is an issue of Blood and Magnetism in one form or another and all responsibility lies with the doer. One must also be willing to accept that Blood Magick is completely self-gratifying as all of your successes will feed your starved ego, and that is a very good thing for the person that you are.

This joy in the capability of the self is vital and self-feeding. It is, in my opinion, the only path to fulfillment. Offer blood to your demon sigils and candles, as an offering for them to help you with your spell casting. As an example, I will talk about the importance of knowing the spirit to which you are asking for help, and offering your own life force. Ogun is the chief of the warriors, the God of War, blood, and iron, similar to the spirit of Ares in Greek mythology. He is the patron of civilization and technology.

As such, he is mighty, powerful, and triumphal; yet, he can also be dangerous and destructive. It is Ogun who is said to have led and given power to the slaves for the Haitian Revolution of He is called upon now to help people obtain a government more responsive to their needs.

In addition, he is often called upon to bring work to the unemployed. In all his incarnations Ogun is a fiery and martial spirit.

do i have witch blood

He can be very aggressively masculine, but can rule the head of female, or effeminate male initiates to whom he takes a liking. He is also linked with bloodand is for this reason often called upon to heal diseases of the blood. However, because Ogun enjoys blood offeringsit is considered inadvisable to petition Ogun with a bleeding wound or while menstruating.

If the blood of the victim is put in a jug and buried at the north corner of his house, the murderer will be caught and convicted. Absolutely no love spell a woman can use on a man will top using blood, in my experience. This pair of mojo bags will ensure continued sexual attraction during absences; be made by one person and given to the other as a gift, but i far prefer the of making its creation a ritual for two partners as described below:.

You can buy a ready made bag if all this is too much work. Click Here. I hope this gives you some ideas on what you can do with blood in magick. It is now up to you to do more research and find out what works best for you. If you have questions for me, leave them in the comments below.

do i have witch blood

Or book an consultation with me and we can talk about blood magick one-on-one. Currently enjoying the magickal city of New Orleans. My beliefs are more Theistic Luciferianism, and based on dark pagan, left hand path, black magic, and occult traditions. My skills are in witchcraft; Chaos Magic; Sorcery; Hoodoo; and of course, working with the "demons".

So just wondering if anyone has ever heard of leaving blood outside of you window? If they ever heard of blood magic like this and what it is used for? Im not going to so, especially because i dont know what I could be doing. Im a warlock and I took blood from my finger. And put it in a bottle I closed it. Me and 2 other friends are doing it too. Is suppose to make us stronger.

Is suppose to make us stronger and be connected. Does that offers any powers or something? It works same way as menstrual blood.You are in the right place. Together we will explore different signs to check if you are part of our witchy community! So how to know if you have magic in your blood? When we mention or hear the word witch, images of a horrid looking old crones with bad intentions come to mind, but, this is what we associate by default with this word, mainly due to movie portrayals of witches, but they are not remotely close to reality.

Since ancient times, witches have been the target of criticism, rejection, and even persecution, but all this has only been the result of the lack of knowledge and understanding of what a witch really is and does. To begin we must clarify that witches do exist, they are not a myth or a legend.

A witch is a person who possesses magical or supernatural powers. Human beings by nature possess some magic, but a witch is capable of developing it and sharpening her senses, which can allow her to put into practice the power of premonitions, telekinesis, clairvoyance and healing, among others.

To find out if you have witch powers, we indicate the following points or aspects that you must validate: You are a living being bound to the power of the earth. The bond that unites a witch with the earth is very strong, which is why it is easy for her to get answers through patterns of nature.

Naturally, people are inclined to ask you for advice and consult you about their problems in general. In response, you give them hope, guidance and sometimes even give them natural remedies for their cure. If you love living in or near the forest and feel the need to be surrounded and in constant contact with nature, this is another indication that you have the powers of a witch inside you. It is in the middle of a natural environment where a witch feels whole, performs her rituals and develops her powers more strongly by linking them with Mother Nature.

Other evidence that you possess witch powers is a natural attraction animals feel toward you. At the same time, you feel great love and empathy towards them.

In the same way, you naturally know which animals are your totems, and you can share a language or form of communication with them. Your energy and that of the animals, are aligned with nature and from there this mutual empathy arises. Although you may not notice it, you may develop your life following the phases of the moon.

For example, you may come up with new projects or come up with new plans when there is a new moon and complete stages or projects during the waning phase of the moon.

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Generally, people with witch powers have a special liking for rocks such as quartz, turquoise, light or pink crystals, and tend to surround themselves with them at home. Witches have existed since the beginning of time and contain in their wisdom and magic, secrets, mysteries, options and answers. The properties of these rocks that come from the earth are extensive.

Crystals can collaborate in love, health, protection, and abundance among other things. Crystals are great tools for witches, hence they are highly attracted to them. Witches also have a special liking for candles and incense. A witch tends to remember her past lives through dreams.

You may have constant dreams about previous lives, these dreams are memories engraved in your mind of what you have already lived. It is even possible that you feel phobia to small and closed places, or to fire, this can come from what you suffered in your previous lives.

It is common for a witch to have her power manifest unconsciously at first. For example, you might want something, and this will happen even if it is a bad thing. In these cases, you must be cautious and learn how to direct your power.

On the other hand, that inner power can also lead you to look for ways to heal with natural remedies, and you may even heal a person just by touching them. Feel free to share this article on Pinterest!

Ease to make plants grow, to learn tarot card readingrunes, and special development of clairvoyance. A witch is also capable of perceiving spirits, making astral journeys, and can develop telepathy or telekinesis. If you naturally have visions of what is going to happen and the information comes to you in the form of a sequence of images, like a movie, you undoubtedly have witch powers. Just as the existence of witches is true, it is also true that there are witches who practice white magic and those who practice black magic.

The powers and energies that a witch wields are very strong, and it can happen that her thoughts are extrapolated causing negative or positive thoughts, triggering good or bad behavior.Because of the Witch Trials and the forced conversion of our pagan ancestors to Christianity, many of the old magical families either hid their abilities and beliefs, denied them, or simply forgot them over time.

You may come from a family of witches and not even know it! Is witchcraft in your blood? Did you have a grandmother or mother who somehow knew things were going to happen before they did? This is a psychic ability known as claircognizance. Many of the old magical families stem from a line of men and women who were once revered and some were even paid to give their predictions to royalty in the old days.

If your mother or grandmother or other family member taught you how to heal with herbs or how to use your hands to provide healing energy to others, you might come from a line of witches with healing abilities. Is your family seemingly drawn to the healthcare field? Do they believe in holistic healing over western medicine? These are all signs. You might come from a line of witches if your grandmother passed down her strange, superstitious traditions to your mother.

And then your mother passed them down to you. Did your grandma throw spilled salt over her left shoulder? Reprimand you for shaking the rug out the front door instead of the back? Hang horseshoes above every door? Was there a kitchen witch doll in your kitchen that your mom talked to when no one else was around? Multiple traditions just might! If your mother or grandmother always kept religious statues around BUT maintained and treated them as if they were alive or had magical powers, she might have been a witch.

Example — angels in the four corners of the property for protection, tables or shelves dedicated to the memory of ancestors or saints, etc. Shrines and altars can sometimes be mistaken for something else when in reality they are sacred, magical space to grandma or mom whether they say so or not.

Many witches who come from a line of witches have the natural ability to lucid dream or astral project or both interchangeably. Did you grow up having intense dreams of flying, floating, falling, or entering other worlds through doors?

Did you grow up having dreams in which you knew you were dreaming and were able to control your dreams? Many witch families are dreamers by default.

do i have witch blood

This ability often overlaps with claircognizance in which dreams foretell the future. If you grew up with a family who acted as though spirits, hauntings, and ghosts were commonplace, you might be from a line of hereditary witches. Hereditary witches are usually taught how to grow, harvest, and use herbs in their cooking and also for medicinal purposes. My grandmother used to send me out back to pick wild mint that she would add to her sweet tea batch in the summer.Genealogy has gotten pretty sophisticated in recent years.

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The ledger records all the men and women accused of witchcraft in Scotland in between andduring the apex of a century-long witch scare. According to The Scotsmanabout 3, to 5, people in Scotland were publicly accused of witchcraft in 16th and 17th centuries, spurred on by the Scottish Witchcraft Act ofwhich made witchcraft a crime punishable by death.

That Act was vague, both in its definition of witchcraft and in how to identify witchcraft. At least 2, people were killed for being witches before the Act was repealed in This might mean charms and spells, or the use of healing herbs and other types of folk medicine, or both.

About 65 percent of the accused were over the age of Contrary to popular legend, the Survey found that folk healers and widows only made up a fraction of the accused witches.

do i have witch blood

Nor were they necessarily poor; while nobles only made up about 6 percent of accused witches, about 64 percent of the accused came from what would now be considered the middle class. If they sank, and often subsequently drowned, they were found not guilty. Most witches were tortured into a confession. If they were found guilty they were typically strangled at the stake then burned.

Over time and especially during the panic covered by the Wellcome manuscript, lawyers in Scotland began to distrust some of the tactics used to identify witches, such as searching for "witches marks" or "witches teats" on their bodies which were often just scars, moles, warts, skin tags or birth marks. As the state became more secular and the Enlightenment began to take hold, belief in witchcraft decreased.

Continue or Give a Gift. Privacy Terms of Use Sign up. SmartNews History. History Archaeology. World History. Featured: Defying the Nazis. Science Age of Humans. Future of Space Exploration. Human Behavior. Our Planet. Earth Optimism Summit. Featured: The Evolving Story of the Utahraptor. Ingenuity Ingenuity Awards.Sage has been a witch for 25 years.

She enjoys writing informative articles to teach others the craft of the wise. There are a select few who feel powerfully drawn to Witchcraft. This can happen despite growing up in families where Witchcraft was, at best, scoffed off as superstitious nonsense, and at worst, believed to be of evil origins that would ultimately lead one down a dark and deadly path.

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All of a sudden, the Craft catches your attention, and it is like a siren call—alluring and irresistible. This may leave some to wonder whether this sudden call means they have a predisposition to the Craft. Perhaps you have some kind of connection you weren't aware of—could this mean that magic is running through your veins? Is that why, perhaps, learning about the Craft makes you feel as though you've just come home?

Let's talk a little bit about Witch ancestry, bloodlines, and why you might feel so connected to the mysterious magical arts. Everyone has magical ancestry if you go back far enough down the family tree. It is inevitable. There have always been people using some form of magic, particularly low magic or nature magic. They may have called it different things, used different techniques, and held different views about it, but it was always there.

Many Witches believe that magic is something that comes from nature itself—it is a natural resource that humans have been using since the beginning of humanity.

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In light of this, everyone has access to it. When you look at it this way, magic is everyone's birthright—it's part of everyone's bloodline. Only a minority of people seek to embrace it, however, and only a select few are willing to put in the time and effort to master it. The question is not whether there is magic in your ancestry—there is. The problem that is plaguing you is that the line has been broken and you've been cheated out of your birthright of being brought up in a magical household.

Talk about a precious family tradition being lost in time! If you are in touch with the part of yourself that connects with magic and the Craft, it can be very frustrating to know you missed out on that. That doesn't mean you can't recover some of this information, though. Here are some ways to seek out and reconnect with your magical roots:. This is not always the easiest thing to do, but technology is allowing more and more people to trace their family line back hundreds and sometimes thousands of years.

Get a DNA test done, then take the results and do some digging. Once you're adept enough to use creative visualization for spiritual quests and journeys, you can also use it to explore your ancestral line. Visualize yourself browsing through the past by floating on a raft going downstream or walking down a spiral staircase.

Get off at certain points when you feel you should and seek out guides who may be able to lead you to your ancestors for a little chat. Some people worry that this is all the imagination at work, but the imagination can be a powerful tool for accessing real information through the subconscious, so don't knock it!

Necromancy isn't for novices, but once you have skills and experience in the Craft, you might use them to commune with ancestral spirits. If you're lucky enough to have friends who are more advanced in the Craft or know psychics who can help, that's all the better.

The end of October through the beginning of November is a particularly good time for this practice.

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There are many techniques that can be used for spirit communication in rituals such as scrying, automatic writing, and dream work. Some prefer communing through divination tools such as pendulums, tarot cards, runes, or ouija boards. If you do decide to contact your ancestral spirits yourself, make sure you master your technique and tool first and be sure to protect yourself and any others in your home.

You'll also want to learn how to cleanse your space and tool afterward in case you have an unpleasant encounter. Some people confuse having Witches in their ancestry with being a hereditary Witch, but there is a distinct difference. While we all have Witches or some form of magical practitioners in our ancestry, not all of us are hereditary Witches.Do you have a family tree you can access?

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If so, finding your witch ancestors will be easy. Gather as many of these last names as you can, then compare against the witch bloodline names listed here!

Are You a Witch? Telltale Signs and Characteristics to Look For

It also helps if you have a general idea of where your family originates. For example — Earlys are from Ireland, Fosters are from England, etc. It is possible that some of these people were witches at the most basic level because some were considered wise men or women who used herbs to heal and divination to help find lost objects, etc.

Whether your family lives in New England or has migrated elsewhere in the U. Keep in mind, some of these names are of the convicted, while some were accused and either escaped or died in jail before conviction. ALSO, I did not include the maiden names of the married women. While I would LOVE to provide you all with those names, the writing is in cursive and hard to decipher.

Mexican Witchcraft - National Geographic

Until I can translate or find a legible source, here I will provide the other known Scottish witch bloodline names:. Check out the names of the German and Swiss witch bloodlines below. Be aware that there were thousands of German witches executed during the Medieval and Early Modern Era whose names were never recorded.

In this list, I am including witches from the Scandinavian and Northern European countries. The entire continent endured such tragedy, and the Northern European countries were no strangers to the Witch Hunts that ravaged the people.

Italy and surrounding Mediterranean countries also had their fair share of Witch Trials and executions. The nature of the trials was a bit different than those found in Britain, Germany, and Northern Europe, but still tragic nonetheless. If you have Italian or Mediterranean surnames in your family, check this list:. So you found one of your familial names on the witch bloodline names list…now what?

How can you tell if your a blood witch?

I suggest researching everything you can about that particular witch ancestor. Google it. Often Wikipedia pages with information on the Witch Trials have taken their information from books and other resources. Check the bottom of the Wikipedia pages for the Bibliography section. Read those books. Read and read some more.

Record your findings in your journal, BOS, or in your family tree! Cook the food your ancestors might have cooked. Your purchase helps support my work in bringing you information about the paranormal and paganism.

It is a fun and cool thing to find one, yes, but you can still practice ancestral witchcraft. Incorporate those ways into your daily life and spiritual path. The thing is — if you go back far enough in time, everyone had pagan ancestors, some of whom were priests and priestesses.

Some were shamans and druids. Some were witch doctors and midwives. Everyone has at least ONE of these magical people in their heritage, whether we can find proof of it or not. I barely scratched the surface of the witch bloodline names in America and Europe, so please stay tuned. If this generates enough interest, I will also write an article on witch ancestors from all over the world.

Have you found any witches in your family tree? If so, how do you honor them?Born in deepest Cornwall and now living in wild Wales, Bev has been practising her personal brand of witchcraft for years and years. If you feel a little different from other people. If your interests seem to veer wildly from those of people you are close to.

If animals are drawn to you. This is a difficult question because there are literally hundreds of different kinds of witches, and witchcraft traditions can vary wildly from place to place and person to person. However, the kind of witch I am talking about is pretty straightforward: a witch is a wise woman or man who uses energy to make things happen. Be aware that people are rarely born into witchcraft, despite what some people claim.

Witchcraft is a path you choose to follow. Even if you have all the characteristics described here, that doesn't mean you have to tread that path. It's all about choice. There's no way to simply look at a person to determine whether or not they are a witch. However, some of a witch's inner characteristics might cause visual clues.

Well, possibly nothing. To develop your natural inclinations further and explore your own witchy potential, you could research the various traditions out there, including Native American, Celtic, Norse, and British Trads, Wicca, Voodoo, and Fairy and Solitary, to name just a few.

You may want to find others like yourself and maybe embark on an initiation path, which is like a college degree for witches. There are many choices before you. For now, though, I recommend you take it slowly. Read all you can, and find out where your interests lie and what makes your heart sing. Above all, enjoy the knowledge that you could be a witch.

Do remember what I said earlier: Witchcraft is a path you choose to take. It's not compulsory. Many people have been asking what's the best way to proceed. If you have any other questions that I can answer with an article, please let me know in the comments section. Note: I get lot of questions asking the same thing: What do I do next? The answer is right there in that section and the additional link, above.

Please read through all the answers and comments to see if I have already given the answer you're looking for.


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